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      Vestas Brings V136-3.45 MW Turbine, Service Flexibility To Chinese Market

      Vestas says it will manufacture and sell its V136-3.45 MW turbine and introduce a higher level of service flexibility to the Chinese market, marking its 30-year anniversary in the country.

      “We are continuously bringing our latest technologies, products and service solutions to China, and we are determined to grow together with our partners in the country while simultaneously leveraging on the continuous supply-chain localization in China for global supply of the 3 MW platform,” says Chris Beaufait, president of Vestas Asia Pacific. “Our V136-3.45 MW turbine, which we will manufacture and intend to sell in China, is designed for exceptional energy capture, and it is ideal for the Chinese market.”

      According to the company, the V136-3.45 MW turbine combines Vestas’ largest onshore rotor diameter, the Vestas-patented Large Diameter Steel Tower technology and Vestas’ most advanced blade design to date. The company says this turbine is the newest variant of the 3 MW platform, which is continuously optimized to increase annual energy production while, at the same time, decreasing sound emission levels.

      Concerning the flexible service offerings, Vestas says that customers can now choose any combination of items to tailor the service package to their specific needs.

      “In other words, whatever operation and maintenance strategies our customers are pursuing in China, we will be able to support them,” affirms Christian Venderby, group senior vice president of Vestas Global Service.

      Today, Vestas operates and maintains around 60 GW of wind turbines globally.

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