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      NTN Exhibits at Automotive Exhibition “Automotive Engineering Exposition 2016 Nagoya”

      Date: June 29(Wed) to July 1(Fri), 2016
      Venue: Portmesse Nagoya
      Booth No.: 57
      Link to the official site: http://expo-nagoya.jsae.or.jp/english/

      NTN will run a booth at “Automotive Engineering Exposition 2016” with the theme “New Technology Transforms the Next.”
      The booth will feature exhibits electronic module products for automated driving and lower fuel consumption, as well as the newly developed “Electric Motor and Actuator” Series and “New In-wheel Motor System.”
      Other displays will include the “Auto Tensioner with the Variable Damper Mechanism for ISG-Equipped Engine,” “Lightweight Driveshaft for FR vehicle,” “Low Torque Seal Ring” and other products for reducing automobile fuel consumption and increasing efficiency, and a wide range of the latest, next-generation technology for resolving various issues.
      We look forward to seeing you at the event.

      Main exhibits

      Electric Motor and Actuator

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